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Compiled musings and inspiration for a fictional character on World of Warcraft - Moon Guard (US)

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Though I can’t find the original creator, here are some cleaned up blood elf building tokens we are using for our roll20. Thank you to aestiah for bringing them to life.

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Frontiersman bowie knife by Wolfie-83


Frontiersman bowie knife by Wolfie-83

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jessipalooza said: Top 5 things you're looking forward to in TSG and BoL! 5 for each, dingus.



1. The Blackwood campaign princessprovost has been planning for a long time. She’s been working so hard and had to postpone it twice I think? So I’m really excited to see how that goes once it makes sense to date the events.

2. More stuff with the current Ascension campaign. The first battle Blythe was captured so I haven’t seen much aside from reports, but there’s an event on Sunday where she and her friends apparently get to try and escape. 

3. I believe Ascension is the last main storyline series until Wardads, so after it releases I’m curious to see the direction the guild goes in. 

4. Blythistair shenanigans. :333

5. Finishing my prestige story because it’s overdue and I suck. :D


1. Making the transition to roll20 for events. Bar none, I think it’s a great choice and with the right effort will be a complete boon for events large and small scale. 

2. I’m curious to see how far the consequences of the poor rolls we’ve already seen and those that might follow will go. Felthier has said before that losing even one of the houses will be disastrous for the Sunguard, and I’m kinda excited for a bit of strife - or at least victories hard-fought. 

3. RPing with Pathfinders more. There’s a few people I’ve been meaning to poke, but between simultaneous campaigns between both BoL and the Sunguard my time has been a little pinched. 

4. Shirexia has acquired a fair amount of admirers and potential companions; I’d like to see more of them. She can’t hold out forever and eventually they’ll do something that won’t disappoint her - and tbh I really like the idea of her acting as a sort of mentor to someone. 

5. This might be me getting a little ahead of myself, but I read through the Sunward requirements and doing those sound like a lot of fun. I’m not looking to rush anything as much as putting pins in future ideas.


Top 5 Friday


I’ll do some top 5 lists

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Headshot commission for seekingthedawn, Valynth Dawnseeker of the Sunguard! Experimenting with transparent backgrounds for my headshot pieces. :D


Headshot commission for seekingthedawn, Valynth Dawnseeker of the Sunguard! Experimenting with transparent backgrounds for my headshot pieces. :D

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shirexia said: ♥


Caeliri is simultaneously perplexed by Shirexia and terrified of her. She really, really wants Shirexia to like her, but all of her efforts - and the way she makes friends with other people - only seem to push Shirexia further away, and Caeliri just doesn’t understand why that is. To her, Shirexia is terrifying, awesome, and someone who is really quite amazing in the sheer level of frightening she is. Kinda like…

After spying on Shirexia and her hubby last night, Caeliri is more determined than ever to crack Shirexia and get at that gooey, molten center. The not-angry molten center, the touchy-feely-lovey one. She wants a little bit of that Not-Mom love.


My favorite part of that exchange:

"You’re… not mad at me, are you? You look mad — unless that’s just your face," she directed the words towards Shirexia.

Zanthian chokes on his cigarette smoke and spends the next several moments laughing and suffocating at the paladin’s observations.

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